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The HRG in the Schools

Living History In Your Classroom
Let us help you bring history back to life! The Historic Recrudescence Guild (HRG) believes history is exciting and fun and we would love the opportunity to work with you in bringing our living historians into your classroom curriculum.

Historical Areas of Interest
Our main area of expertise is the European continent from the first century to the 1740’s and the American Civil War. Though we do have presentations in other areas and time periods we would need to consult with you for any special requests. We have given presentations in front of crowds as small as six and as large as 400. Our combined experience of more than 60 years as historical re-enactors can be at your disposal.
We approach every invitation to present our material as a unique opportunity, trying to fine tune our information to work with your historical area of focus. We have a number of functional and historically accurate, tools, weapons, housewares and clothing to help bring our presentation to life. Please contact us:

More than just talk
As you know, there is nothing like being able to see an item with your own eyes, to feel its weight and texture. Have students try on a shirt of (chain) mail and they will gain a new respect for the medieval knights. Show them the rules of behavior expected of a lady in the 18th century, of a yeoman in the 14th century and contrast that with today’s conventions. They will not only read about, but see and feel what it was like 500 years ago, during the lives of their ancestors and heroes. They will gain insight into the great turning points in history that saw empires rise and fall.



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